JABES Presidential Report
JAPAN SOCIETY FOR BUSINESS ETHICS STUDY (JABES) Presidential (Chairman's) Report in 2014

1.Genesis of the Society
During the 1980s a number of big Japanese and international corporations acted unethically and engaged in unlawful conducts. Taking these ethical debacles of business society into consideration, Masakazu Mizutani, the founder of the JABES, organized a predecessor group as the Group for Considering Business Ethics (GCBE) in 1991 with a 20 or so membership.
With a growing membership and activities of the GCBE in studying business ethics and promoting the group’s findings to the public, including business firms, the founder Mizutani decided to reorganize the GCBE into an academic association. Thus, the Japan Society for Business Ethics Study (JABES) was established on April 1, 1993. The main purposes of the Society are to study business ethics, develop ethical organizations and promote international cooperation with foreign academic and business organizations.

2.JABES Activities
Since its establishment the membership of the Society has significantly grown as follows:
Year  Membership
1993   75
1998  260
2003  383
2013  475
In 1997 the Society started cooperation with the newly founded organization, the Business Ethics Research Center (BERC), a specialized organization for Business Ethics and Compliance in Japan. Over 120 members consist of mainly business ethics officers of major Japanese corporations.
JABES has held annual research meetings since October, 1993 and published 20 issues of The Journal of the Japan Society for Business Ethics Study. The Society has also held national and international symposiums on business ethics. The present membership of the Society covers all parts of Japan and two local divisions, the Kansai and Nagoya divisions, are organized.
As the membership growth indicates, the Society has had a successful decade and it has gained the solid status in the academic world of Japan.
The main themes of the past 20 annual meetings have been as follows
1. Significance and roles of research in business ethics (1993)
2. Business ethics in this period of corporations change(1994)
3. Japanese management and business ethics (1995)
4. Business and corporate social responsibility (1996
5. Business ethics and globalization (1997)
6. Business ethics and environmental problems (1998)
7. Business ethics and corporate governance (1999)
8. Business ethics in the 21st century (2000)
9. The information age and business ethics (2001)
10. The prospect for business ethics in Japan (2002)
11. The revival of corporations and business ethics (2003)
12. Business ethics and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) (2004)
13. Circulative society and business ethics (2005)
14. Business ethics and education (2006)
15. Personal ethics and organization ethics (2007)
16. Business ethics and corporate profits (2008)
17. World economic crisis and business ethics (2009)
18. Employment, human rights and business ethics (2010)
19. Issues and perspective of business ethics education (2011)
20. Quality of management, business ethics and CSR (2012)
21. Business ethics and diversity management (2013)
JABES has held a Research Exchange Meeting three to four times a year since 1995, and at present the meetings so far held have reached 75 in its frequency. Various topics such as corporate governance, codes of conducts, the UN Global Compact have been taken up Well known foreign scholars and business persons as well as Japanese guests have been invited as guest speakers. Many JABES members have benefited from the meetings to get acquainted with new trends of business ethics in the world.

3.JABES Publication
JABES has published ()The Journal of the Japan Society for Business Ethics Study since 1994. The past 20 issues have had an average volume of about 250 pages per issue. The journal articles are peer-reviewed to maintain the quality of the articles. The submitted manuscripts are sent to the editorial review board. The journal also carries research notes written by the members.
JABES publishes ()The Newsletter of the Japan Society for Business Ethics Study every four months since 1993. The newsletter is edited by trustee members and carries the official JABES announcements such as the date and place of the annual meetings and other topical essays written by the members.
JABES-edited publications are as follows.
JABES has edited following books written by members of the Society:
Hiroo Takahashi ( ed.), “The Establishment and Practice of a Business Ethics Code of
Conduct”—A Comparative Case Study of Japanese Corporations and American
Corporations, (1998)
T. Fukudome (ed) “Management Philosophy and Group Spirit “-- The New Century: the Spirit of Management and 16 Pioneers, Eijishuppan,( 2001)
M. Mizutani (ed.) “Business Ethics”, Dobunkan,( 2003)
Hiroo Takahashi (ed.) “Top Management Business Ethics”, Hakuto Publishing, (2010)
JABES (ed.) “ Dictionary of Business Ethics Terms”. Hakuto Publishing (2008)
Hiroo Takahashi(ed) “ Business Ethics and CSR of Global Corporation, Hakuto
Publishing (2013)

(1)International activities
As the only academic association devoted to the study of business ethics and to the enlightenment of the publics on business ethics in Japan, the JABES activities have been internationally extended. In 1994, a Memorandum of Cooperation has been signed with Society for Business Ethics (SBE) of the US. Since then JABES has cooperated with SBE to hold symposiums and other activities.
JABES now aims at building a global network of business ethics researchers and business persons who are interested in business ethics. JABES has held joint conferences with Taiwan CSR Academy at Chinese Culture University, Taipei (2009) as well as KABE (Korean Academy of Business Ethics) at Kookmin University, Seoul (2012)
(2) The activities of the Study Groups
JABES conducts the following six theme-classified studies in the study groups, whose group names are given here.→
 The Management Philosophy
 The Stakeholder Study
 The Ethical Auditing Practice Study
 The Corporate Ethics Behavior Study
 The Empirical Study
 CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Study
 The Kansai area Division
 The Chubu are Division
(3) A Challenge to JABES
From 2009 on, after the appointment of Dr. Hiroo Takahashi as President (Chairman) of JABES, the organization’s administrative system had to cope with problems arising from the growing membership and the expanding activity area. The new organization has one president (chairman), two vice presidents (vice-chairmen) and 15 board members including foreign scholars. Since the establishment of JABES in 1991 this academic society has contributed to the progress of research in business ethics and the propagation of ethical business behavior in Japan. Now JABES is a member of the Union of National Economic Associations in Japan ( ), and Science Council of Japan (). We intend to continue to research business ethics in collaboration with the Business Ethics Research Center.
(4) The Sister Organization of JABES
Business Ethics Research Center (BERC), established in 1997 also by Masakazu Mizutani, is the sister organization of JABES. In October 2009, BERC changed organizational style and made a fresh re-start as “BERC incorporation”. →

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